Heavy Metal Bulldozer CD

Heavy Metal Bulldozer JPN edition now released on double vinyl licensed to NWN PROD! 3/4 sleeve jerseys also available.

Interview taken from SOD Mag:

1. Tell me about the origin of Metalucifer and the Heavy Metal Hunter EP and Heavy Metal Drill LP released in 1996.

Metalucifer started in 1995 as a project from my main band Sabbat, to write only NWOBHM style music seperate from the blackened metal of Sabbat. Heavy Metal HUnter and Heavy Metal Drill were released a year later on CD on Metal Proof records. Since then they have been released on CD, LP, Picture Disc LP in various editions and labels in the underground. 

2. What bands were influential to the Metalucifer sound in the early days?

The influence is the entire NWOBHM style of the early 80's, and continues to influence us today. These bands include: Iron Maiden, Angel Witch, Manowar, Accept, Black Sabbath, Quartz, Soldier, Satan, Praying Mantis, Acid (Belgium), Motorhead, Judas Priest, Sortilege (France), Cloven Hoof, Heavy Load, Killers (France), Killer (Belgium), Anvil, Saxon, Kiss, Witchfinder General, Demon, Europe, Baron Rojo, Aria, Arakain, Pokolgep, Kreyson, Tublatanka, Marauder, V8, El Dragon, Muro, Angus, Gotham City, Iron Cross, Maltese Falcon, Blowin Free, Dark Quarterer, and others. We have our main bands to be experimental and mix other styles of speed, thrash, death, doom, etc. but Metalucifer will never stray from tradition.

3. Are there any bands from Japan from back in the day or right now who you consider to be metal brothers?

Our brother in metal is honored on the cover art of all our albums: Neal Tanaka, Japans Heavy Metal Maniac #1. During the early/mid 90s Sabbat did a short Japan tour with Sigh and Abigail. Both bands still active and doing well.

4. Metalucifer have released no fewer than five live albums. Tell me about how experiencing Metalucifer live differs from just listening to one of your albums.

The live albums are limited editions for maniacs between our studio albums. Its been around 8 years between Heavy Metal Chainsaw album and Heavy Metal Bulldozer. Live gigs compliment the albums, headbanging amongst brothers in metal. 4 dates are planned for june 2010 in Europe, more may be announced later. 

5. Tell me about the bands you have recorded splits with and how you go about choosing a band to work with.

Metalucifer/Sabbat split 7" was the idea of Dream Evil Records, and Metalucifer-Live Audiopain LP was arranged by HMSS records. Bolivian Demonslaught is a 2 cassette boxset compilation of Sabbat/Metalucifer for the Boliva market, Rawblackcult records idea. Planned for later: Metalucifer/Armour LP arranged by Holycaust records. The idea for these were not our own, but we like them!

6. Does every Metalucifer song title start with the words Heavy Metal?

Not every song, no, but it is part of the Heavy Metal tradition. For example: Heavy Metal Thunder -saxon 
Heavy Metal Breakdown -grave digger 
Dosis de Heavy Metal -Obús 
Heavy Metal Maniac -exciter 
Heavy Metal Breakdown -bitch 
Heavy Metal Angels -heavy load 
Heavy Metal Mania -holocaust 
Heavy metal -killers 
Heavy Metal Warriors -mercy 
Heavy Metal Rock'n'Roll -rock goddess 
In Japan in the early 80s, was very isolated from the usa/europe scene. NO internet, radio, magazines, like now. Many gems were found browsing the import section at the record store looking for "heavy metal" in the tracklist.

7. Heavy Metal Bulldozer seems to be the heaviest Metalucifer album yet – tell me about recording this metal masterwork.

To me it sounds in the same vein of Heavy Metal Drill, Heavy Metal Hunter, music wise. Heavy Metal Bulldozer is released in 3 editions. The pressing on RIP records is very much traditional Metalucifer. Perhaps the Holycaust records edition is "heavier" with the vocals. The vocal track (sung in Japanese) is more my natural tone and voice maybe similar to Sabbat vocal style? The feedback i get on the Iron Pegasus version is "German metal, hard rocking style". The idea behind the different versions is also tradition: 80s metal with dual lyric editions: Baron Rojo -Volumen Brutal CDs (spanish lyrics, and english lyrics)
Kat-666 CD (sung in polish) Kat-metal and hell (english version of 666) Sortilege (french and english versions) Killers (france), and even Sabbat's own Chrasima/karisma.
The actual recording process was sporadic between 2006-2008. You know the other members live far away, getting time off from work and booking studio time, etc played a factor in the process.

8. What are the touring plans for Heavy Metal Bulldozer? Will you have a bulldozer with you on stage?

There are some plans to tour Europe june 2010. NO bulldozer on stage, only bulldozer bass. 

9. Thanks for the Heavy Metal Madness! 

Thanks for the support, heavy metal is our way!



Available in 3 editions!
METALUCIFER has never been a standard band with standard ideas. This
album is an just example for the band's attitude, craziness and
courage to try something different.

METALUCIFER is still one band, but working seperately on this album.
The different line ups will melt together again when it is time to
play live.

The Heavy Metal Bulldozer will roll all over you when it hits the
road... so better watch out!

Line up:
Gezolucifer (Bass, Vo, G-solos)
Elizaveat (Dr, G-riffs and solos)
Elizabigore (G-riffs and solos)
Lyrics sung in English


Line up:


Line up:
Gezolucifer (Bass, Vo, G-solos)
Elizaveat (Dr, G-riffs and solos)
Elizabigore (G-riffs and solos)
Lyrics sung in Japanese




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